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What others have had to say about past Delphi Developer Days events....

Great, fast-paced delivery, up to date information. A must do for every serious developer.
Michael Ross
Flite Software NI Ltd

Great sessions from two of the greats in the world, great presentations, very interesting, masters of Delphi in explaining their knowledge to others.
John Blauu

Two days packed with information, current hot topics in programming, and latest versions of Delphi. Brought by people with actual experience, who also know how to deliver their knowledge in an attractive way.
Tom v. Swam
Raster Industrial Information

This is a great professional opportunity for Delphi developers.
Wynn Richardson
U of Minnesota

Absolutely loved it! Cary and Ray presented an excellent and comprehensive cirriculum covering a wide range of intelligent programming ideas and approaches that will help Delphi developers bring their efforts to life more quickly and competently!
James Ralston

An excellent conference with a lot of interesting / useful material. It is also valuable to look at things that we are not using yet, and to get an idea of the possibilities.
Hans Kramprud
HK data

Learning about my favorite programming language in a relaxed but concentrated way. Great!
Sebastian Moos
MCS Moorbeck Computer Systems GmbH

This is my fifth DDD and I learn many new things every year. Very little repetition and always current issues that someone is currently dealing with or has in the recent past.
Jay Falck
Unicorn Computing

Very happy we finally attended DDD!
Togeir Admundsen

On top of the technical content, I enjoyed the atmosphere.
Bruce McGee
Glooscap Software

If you are a professional developer, you can get even better by attending Delphi Developer Days.
Jan v.d. Brink
Order-Direct BV

Thank you for the wonderful documentation, didn't expect this amount of docs.
Christian Jesse
Pronomix GmbH

Excellent opportunity to meet other Delphi developers. Learned a lot!
Kjell Erik Haugen

Knowledge was very impressive. Appreciated the honesty in the Q&A - Very important to hear.
Peter Vander
Glooscap Software

Thank you for this great event! Good speakers, good organization, good material!
Ajoshi Roth
JAM Software

Just great!
Elmar Fuchs

I learned a lot in this seminar, and this knowledge will absolutely help me improve my development skills. Cary and Ray are fantastic, and it was easy to understand what they taught us. The material content was excellent.
Alexson Viana
MyPOS Cash Box Corp

I paid for the course in the first session. Everything else was pure profit. Thanks.
Doug Johnson
Compulink Business Solutions

Regardless of your skill level, you'll be amazed at how much you learn.
John C. Miller

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